Moravian “Marco Polo”: Photos by traveller discovered in New Zealand

Photo: Archive of Martin Nekola

Bohumil Pospíšil, a native of Přerov, was once a famous Czechoslovak traveller and adventure. The man, who spent five years on a journey around the world in the 1920s, was known as the Moravian Marco Polo. His estate, including thousands of photos, was thought to have been lost until recently, when it was discovered in the attic of his house in Auckland, New Zealand. Some of the unique photos are now on display as part of an exhibition in Břeclav.

I discussed the incredible life story of Bohumil Popíšil with Czech historian Martin Nekola, who is now in charge of his estate and I started by asking him when he first came across the name of Bohumil Pospíšil:

“Some three years ago I was working on a book about Czechs in New Zealand, and I had a chapter about Czech travellers and adventurers, who visited the country, including Josef Kořenský, Jiří Daneš and also Bohumil Pospíšil.

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Author: Ruth Fraňková