Mortgage advisor – “There are quite a lot of myths among expats about buying property here”

Many expats living in the Czech Republic are considering buying a property in the country, but for a non-native speaker and foreign national this may sometimes feel like a challenge. To find out more about the most common challenges expats face in this regard we spoke to Robin Petrásek, a mortgage advisor who administers the “Czech Expats property owners group”, a Facebook group of nearly 6,000 people looking to buy or manage their property in Czechia. I began by asking him how the group came to be.

“We got involved about three years ago, when we took it over from the original founders. The administrators of it are myself and my colleague Nick Marley.

“What we are basically trying to do is put together a community of expats and make sure that only valuable members are inside it.

“That means that we check who wants to become a member and we moderate each post inside the group to make sure that all of the discussions are relevant to the topic.”

So I am guessing that you don’t know how the group actually came about?

“Actually I do know.”

Well then, tell me the story.

“The story is that one expat, about five or seven years ago, was struggling to find some things.

“This is often still the case, because while it may be easy to google things in your home country, if you are an expat in the Czech Republic it may be often be quite hard to find information that would be easily searchable for a native national of the country. Of course you ask your parents, or your friends, but it can still be hard.

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Author: Tom McEnchroe