Mrs Palermo’s Cottage: A magic story from the Czech borderlands

Photo: Vít Pohanka, Radio Prague International

Mrs Palermo’s Cottage is a novel by AR Parker, inspired by the Czech borderlands. Vit Pohanka spoke to the author about what brought him to Czechia and what led him to set his latest novel in the town where he bought a house and settled.

“The storm had raged the night Eva was born. The world around witnessing fierce winds smashing through the forest, twisting trees from crown to root and ripping away rotting limbs, sent crashing through the canopy to thud down on earth, obliterating all in the way.”

These are the opening lines of AR Parker’s new book. Mrs Palermo’s Cottage is a story full of nostalgia and sadness, but also quite a lot of humor. Nevertheless, there is a sinister and even tragic turn of events, when the change of government brings a new mayor and capitalism to the town of Boz (Krásná Lípa). As the publisher Europe Books puts it: “The tranquil environment of Boz is shattered and everything is put up for sale, including society’s soul.”

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Author: Vít Pohanka