My Prague – Šimon Holý

Photo: Ian Willoughby, Radio Prague International

Young director Šimon Holý this week sees his film And Then There Was Love enter Czech cinemas. It is the second feature film by Holý, who in addition composes music for films and until recently was also a presenter on alternative station Radio Wave. Our tour of “his Prague” begins on the square Náměstí Míru, one of the centres of the Vinohrady district.

“I live half the time in Prague and half the time in Hudlice, which is a town near Beroun, but not so far from Prague.

“I can’t imagine moving somewhere else.”

Why do you also live in Hudlice?

“Well, it’s a long story of my father wanting to have a farmhouse and then buying another farmhouse and then just moving farther and farther from Prague [laughs].

“I actually like this, that I can be in the nature whenever I want – and then to move into the city whenever I want.”

Vinohrady is a big area. I discovered looking at the map earlier that it runs all the way from Folimanka to the Main Train Station and out to Hagibor. What’s your favourite part of the district?

“It was very interesting to me as well to find this out, because I didn’t know that.

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Author: Ian Willoughby