Mykola and Mariia: Young Ukrainians in Czechia open up

Photo: Ian Willoughby, Radio Prague International

Czechia took in roughly half a million Ukrainians following Russia’s full-scale invasion of their country two years ago. Many of these refugees have been young people, and to find out something about this generation’s lives here – and their outlooks for the future – I invited two 20-year-olds, Mariia Kostenko and Mykola Pashkov, into our studios.

What were the circumstances of you coming to Czechia? Did you come alone, or with others? Why Czechia?

Mariia (from Orichiv, Zaporizhzhska Oblast, south-eastern Ukraine): “I came here with my mom. I don’t actually remember all the war, all the situations, because, you know, for me it’s like in a fog.

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Author: Ian Willoughby