Myslbek – one of Prague’s youngest modern palaces

Photo: Katarína Brezovská, Radio Prague International

The Myslbek Palace on Na Příkopě street is one of Prague’s newest modern palaces. Constructed in the late 1990s, the building connects two historically distinct areas of Prague, the city’s main shopping boulevard and the Old Town behind it. In keeping with the tradition of the city’s older urban palaces, Myslbek is not just a shopping mall, as it incorporates art into its design and also serves as an exhibition space.

Located about halfway between Wenceslas Square and Náměstí republiky, the Myslbek Palace has only stood in the centre of Prague for some 26 years. It is thus a relatively new addition compared to the iconic palaces nearby, such as the Crown or Lucerna. Built in 1997, the Myslbek Palace was one of the first large modern shopping malls that cropped up in the centre of Prague following the Velvet Revolution. With its 17,000 square metres and six above-ground floors, Myslbek is now one of the unmissable landmarks of Na Příkopě street, the city’s main shopping boulevard. Interestingly, the building stands on the historical boundary that divides the Old Town from the New Town.

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Authors: Vojtěch Pohanka, Klára Stejskalová