New book highlights Prague Castle’s priceless historical textiles

Along with its world famous sites, Prague Castle also boasts an unparalleled collection of historical fabrics. A new book details the 270 items in the valuable collection, which include pieces of garments from the tomb of Saint Ludmila, the first historically documented duchess of Bohemia.

For hundreds of years, Prague Castle has housed a collection of rare historical textiles from all over the world. Stored in a special depository, the collection comprises 270 remnants of precious fabrics from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The most diverse ones date to the rule of John of Luxembourg and Charles IV, says archaeologist Milena Bravermanová, one of the authors of a new book based on more than three decades of research on the unique fabrics:

“They are incredibly rare textiles that were made in what were then the centres of the silk industry: China, Central Asia, the Middle East, Sicily, Spain and northern Italy.

“What was really surprising to me is that the collection was at least half Asian in origin, mostly Central Asian, which was a location where the most precious textiles were made.”

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Authors: Ruth Fraňková, Martin Srb