New Czech Radio podcast traces aftermath of Norway attacks

Photo: Lukáš Houdek, Czech Radio

Surviving Utoya and Oslo is the title of a new podcast produced by the Czech Radio station Radio Wave. Across seven episodes released in both English and Czech versions, creator Lukáš Houdek speaks to Norwegians who made it through the 2011 attack – and those who had to rebuild their lives when their loved ones never came home. I spoke to Houdek just ahead of the release of the first episode on Tuesday.

“The original idea came a few years back, let’s say maybe when it all happened. Because since then, when the attention was kind of fading away, I started to think about how the people who survived, or were touched by something like this, live today. Who are they? How can you survive, how can you continue your life?

“And only now did I get a chance to record it.”

See the rest here.

Author: Ian Willoughby