New deposit return system on drinks bottles faces opposition from local councils

Czechia will be introducing a deposit return system on plastic bottles and cans from 2025. The new system means people will no longer sort their drink containers into the large colourful recycling bins that can be seen on almost every street corner, but instead will return them to supermarkets or other collection points.

The environment ministry says that the new system will allow over 2.5 billion drinks containers to be recycled annually, meaning a significant reduction in waste and environmental pollution, as well as adding to the coffers of local councils. But not everyone is convinced. Pavel Drahovzal, deputy head of the Union of Towns and Municipalities, says that most local mayors are satisfied with the current system and don’t see a need to change it.

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Authors: Anna Fodor, Blanka Mazalová, Sources:Český rozhlas,Ministerstvo životního prostředí