New digital nomad program launched by Czech government aims to attract highly skilled workers

A new program being launched by the Ministry of Industry is hoping to attract more highly skilled workers to Czechia, but they don’t necessarily need an employment contract from a Czech company to lock down a visa. We spoke to Lucia Legáthová from the Expat Centre in Prague about what this move means for Czechia and foreigners wishing to relocate to the country.

Could you explain the digital nomad program being launched by the Czech government?

“The new digital nomad program has been launched by the Ministry of Industry, and it’s a program aimed at highly qualified workers, especially in the IT sector. The program is intended for citizens from just a few countries: Australia, Japan, the US, Canada, the UK, and Taiwan. There are two types of nomads who can join the program, it’s either for people who are already working for a foreign company and want to relocate to the Czech Republic, or people who want to work in the Czech Republic but as a self-employed person – so they would possess a trade license in the Czech Republic. The good news about the program is that it’s intended for close family members as well – so spouses and registered partners can join these nomads in the Czech Republic.”

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt