New government media advisor: “Disinformation isn’t covered by freedom of speech”

For the first time ever, the Czech government has a special representative for media and disinformation. His name is Michal Klíma and he has been in charge of several of the country’s leading media outlets in the past. More recently, he has also monitored the Czech media environment for the International Press Institute. I asked him why the government has decided to set up this position and what exactly will be his task.

“When it comes to the media industry, there has been no responsible office on the level of the government.

“That meant, for instance, that while nearly all companies received some sort of support from the state during the coronavirus pandemic, the media did not, because there was no ministry or office responsible for them.

“This is of course just one example, but there are also many other problems. We have no media support infrastructure like there is in other countries.

“Therefore, the idea now is to have a person who is responsible for this and that person is myself.

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Author: Tom McEnchroe