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Petra Hrušková

For the past five years, Petra Hrušková has been recruiting top talent for Google, one of the most attractive and innovative employers around the world. She currently works as Staffing Business Partner for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). Previously from Paris and now from Prague, Petra leads an international team of recruiters. She has personally found, hired and helped start a career of hundreds of people at Google. Petra is an expert on corporate culture and talent management.

Workshop Winning People Strategy

“Mandatory training for everyone in HR.”

This quote by one of the participants tells it all. Is it still difficult for your company to attract extraordinary talent? Are the best ones leaving you for your competitors? Then you realize your HR strategy and culture directly affect your busines success. Loyal and motivated employees who are eager to work will instantly translate into your competitive advantage on the market. Get inspired by those whose People Strategy led to success and now everyone wants to work for them.


Daniel Franc

Daniel is the co-founder of the largest global program of community education for developers – Google Developer Groups. He is currently leading an international team of experts that takes care of its future development and also manages cooperation between Google and external technical communities. As a consultant of global cooperation he used to develop teamwork skills management in dozen of companies from the Fortune 50 and Fortune 500. Daniel is engaged in education actively and publishes about it internationally. In addition, Daniel Franc is also a successful entrepreneur. He founded and led several technological companies in the US and Czech Republic.

Workshop Teams 2.0

“Great inspiration for setting a team culture, evaluation and processes. And you can apply all of that even if your business isn’t as big as Google’s.”

Top-down approach to teamwork is proving to be less and less effective. In the fast changing world, rigid organizational structure is loosing its ground and growing autonomy of employees is yielding results. The most successful teams master the art of manouvering between chaos and order. Workshop Teams 2.0 will help you increase productivity of your team work and cultivate the culture of trust and responsibility among the members of your team.


Jan Zadák

Jan Zadak is one of the highest ranking Czech managers globally. As Executive Vice President for Global Sales he was, until recently, one of four most powerful men in Hewlett-Packard, responsible for leading hundred thousand employees, delivering the largest projects, developing business network and cultivating relations with the most important international clients. Spending more than two decades in top international management he has unique experience in leadership, strategic planning, improving sales and running business on day-to-day basis from around the world. Lifelong career in IT business gives him exceptional insight into the issues of digitalization and automation and their impact on business.

Workshop Leadership for Better Results in Digital Age

Are you ready to take advantage of the new opportunities? The world is in the middle of unprecedented transformation accelerated by digital technologies. This rapid change brings unique challenges but also endless opportunities. Your success depends on your readiness. True leaders need to have clear vision, strategy and agenda for their organization and teams. New ELAI workshop Leadership for Better Results in Digital Age will help you start developing it and prepare you to succeed in digital future.


Petr Šimůnek

Petr Šimůnek is Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Czech, which he brought to the Czech Republic in 2011. He is a well-known media figure, being active commentator for more than twenty years on various platforms, including print, radio and TV. He specializes in economic journalism for which he received Czech National Bank’s Governor Award. He regularly hosts radio shows ‘Den podle’ and Sunday’s economic program ‘Ekoforum’ on Czech Radio. Previously he acted as Editor-in-Chief of Hospodářské noviny and Deputy Editor of MF Dnes.

Workshop The Art of Delivering Key Message

“Go, Petr is a true inspiration!”

I must have this! Your success in business increasingly depends on your ability to wow customers. The most popular brands nowadays are built on an intriguing and well thought out story. The same is true for individuals. Convincing value proposition which leaves your audience with key messages can skyrocket your career. Petr’s interactive workshop The Art of Delivering Key Message will help you find your story and structure it the way that will convince even the biggest sceptics