NGOs extend capacities for homeless as freezing cold spell hits Czechia

Shelters and emergency housing facilities across Czechia have started filling up as the freezing weather drives homeless people off the streets. With nighttime lows likely to stay at around minus 12 degrees for the rest of the week, I spoke to Jitka Modlitbová, head of social services at the Czech branch of the Salvation Army about what they are doing to help.

“Every winter we are increasing our capacities in our social services, here in Prague. This applies to our night shelter and also our day centre. In the day centre not only are the capacities bigger during the day, but also during the night. When it is below zero and when temperatures are as freezing as they are now, we leave the day centre open during the night as well so that people in need can come inside and spend the night inside on so called “warm chairs.”

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Author: Daniela Lazarová