No more leftovers

There are always at least some children in the school canteens that hesitate to finish their meal. The big pile of leftovers then just goes to waste. The schools themselves are in charge of collecting the gastro waste, usually as an additional expense in their budget. Recently, a number of Czech high schools joined a new project intended to increase the amount of sorted waste in Prague. Exactly twenty-eight schools across the city decided to be a part of the innovative idea. The project will be funded by the capital city. Therefore, it is very convenient for the schools to participate as they previously had to deal with the payment on their own. Prague decided to create the mentioned plan after the release of a new law in January 2021 which states new restrictions for all Czech municipalities regarding the exact amount of recycled communal waste. As for now, approximately thirty percent of the waste collected in Prague is recycled. The introduced law aims to reach at least fifty-five percent of waste sorted in every Czech city by the year 2025. The development is currently just at its starting point, but the specialists expect the project to cover more institutes in the near future. Hence the leftovers from school lunches should be used for the production of biogases.