Olomouc: Where rich Baroque history and a thriving international community meet

The city of Olomouc lies in the eastern province of Moravia. The sixth biggest city in Czechia with a population of about 100,000 – Olomouc is home to countless historical landmarks and one of the 17 UNESCO sites in the country. Not only a historically important city, but today a very international one, as Palacký University attracts thousands of internationals from all corners of the earth to learn and study in Moravia.

I took a trip to Olomouc to learn more about its history, and speak with some of the international students who are shifting the landscape of the city.

It’s a chilly autumn morning, and the bright sun lights up the colours of the red and yellow leaves on the trees as my train cruises through the Moravian countryside. The train, bound for the Moravian city of Olomouc, jerks into the station. I hop off, eager to catch the next tram headed in the direction of the historic centre.

To my surprise, the trams move incredibly slowly in Olomouc, nothing like the zip of the number 9 in Prague. But as my day begins to unfold, and as I meet the locals in the city, I realise the speed of the trams is indicative of the way of life in Olomouc – slightly slower in pace, not as rigid in schedule, a more laissez-faire attitude than what I’m used to in the nation’s capital.

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt