On Saturday, July 22, visitors to the Prague Zoo will be treated to a ceremonial opening of the aviary at the Sečuán pavilion. The newly built exposition will allow the rare birds of the Himalayan foothills to inhabit outdoor spaces as well. The event will start at 11 a.m., and together with the director of the Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek, and the curator of birds, Antonín Vaidl, the deputy mayor, Mr. City of Prague for the environment Jana Komrsková and the popular Kladno band Zrní.

Program of the ceremonial opening of the Szechuán Aviary

• 11.00 Wushu Centrum performance – demonstration of Chinese martial dances
• 11.10 Opening speech by the director of the Prague Zoo, Miroslav Bobek
• 11:15 Greetings from the Deputy Mayor m. Prague Jana Komrsková
• 11.20am Interview with bird curator Antonín Vaidl
• 11.25 Interview with the band Zrní
• 11:30 a.m. Tea ceremony led by a tea master from Orijin Tea
• 11:35 Tea toast and ribbon cutting at the aviary