Pekarová Adamová: Taiwan situation could soon echo that in Ukraine

Photo: Jana Přinosilová, Czech Radio

Ties between Czechia and Taiwan have been significantly strengthened over the past several years. The Central European state has arguably become one of the continent’s pioneers in expanding relations with Taiwan, despite threats from Beijing. This month will see the largest Czech delegation yet travel to Taipei. It will be led by the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová. She spoke to Radio Prague International about its significance.

“My delegation consists of various representatives, not just parliamentarians, meaning my colleagues from the ranks of the deputies in the lower-house, but also entrepreneurs and people from the business sphere in general.

“The reason that we are visiting Taiwan is because we want to strengthen the ties between our two countries. Czechia and Taiwan have much in common. I think that both societies are based around common values such as respect for human rights, freedom and democracy.

“At the same time we are cooperating on the business level because Taiwanese investments in Czechia are very important for us and we would like to continue our cooperation.”

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Author: Thomas McEnchroe