Pilot flies vintage Aero 145 from Australia to Czechia

Photo: Petr Kolmann, RAF Station Czechoslovakia

Richard Santus is a pilot and a vintage plane collector. He recently acquired a 1960 Czechoslovak-made Aero 145 aircraft and flew it all the way from Australia to his museum in Podhořany in east Bohemia. Due to all sorts of troubles, including several days spent in jail, it took him nearly two months to cover the 20,000-kilometre journey.

I met with Richard Santus shortly upon his return to Czechia and I first asked him what makes the Aero 145 so special that it was worth taking the trip:

“I think this airplane is the most famous design from former Czechoslovakia and there are only a few left in the world that are still flying. There are a couple more on static displays, but this one has been flying since 1960, when it was made in Czechoslovakia. “There was only one left in Australia, apart from two more which are in Czechoslovakia, one is in Czechia and one in Slovakia. So it was a sort of natural decision to go down and bring it back.”

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Author: Ruth Fraňková