PM Fiala: Russia’s expansionist ambitions must be stopped regardless of cost and time

Photo: Office of Czech Government

Addressing a meeting of Czech diplomats at Czernin Palace, Prime Minister Petr Fiala highlighted Russia’s imperialist policy as the foremost security concern facing the Czech Republic and the democratic world. He said Russian attempts to recover its one-time sphere of influence must be stopped, no matter how costly it is, or how long it takes.

In the past, the annual consultations of Czech diplomats at Czernin Palace tended to revolve around economic diplomacy. This year they revolved mainly around the new security threat stemming from Russia’s expansionist ambitions. Prime Minister Petr Fiala stressed that Czechia must persevere in its efforts to help Ukraine win this war; no matter the cost or time it would take.

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Author: Daniela Lazarová