The SPECTRUM exhibition shows many aspects of one single media. The presented artists are connected by friendship and a sincere relationship to painting. They more or less share the same path through life and meet without confrontation, but in full respect and tolerance towards their different approach of painting. The intergenerational and intergender meeting of Matěj Lipavský, Anna Neborová, Igor Korpaczewský, Kristýna Šormová and Kateřina Štenclová, who all have studied classical painting at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, create a various and complementary range of contemporary visual media, from realistic inclination to abstraction, without any narrow thematic limit.

The painter KATEŘINA ŠTENCLOVÁ belongs to one of the few Czech painters who is systematically and nearly exclusively committed to abstract painting. She took part in many international symposiums and was awarded the « Créateur d’aujourd’hui » price of Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française. She also attended many important exhibitions (for example Perfect Tense, Painting today, Jízdárna Pražského hradu, 2003-4 ; Contemporary Czech painting, NTK gallery, Prague, 2012) and presented her works on her own : « Limit of the event » , National Gallery, Veletržni Palác, Prague, 1999 ; « Selected Affinities », Czech Center, New-York, 2001 ; « I paint, therefor I am », French Institute, Prague, 2015. Her main expressive tools are plain colours, the relationship between geometrical and organic surfaces, gesture, the painting support. Her paintings have no symbolic or narrative content, they are dominated by structures of expressive colours, while an important rôle is being played by the gesture and an actual connection to lyrical abstraction.

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NATÁLIE ROUČKOVÁ studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studios of Jiří Černický, Stanislav Diviš and mostly Mariana Karel. Her education began at a young age, as she grew up with the work of her father, Pavel Roučka. Her paintings are not just artwork to her, but a fundamental part of who she has become as a person and as an artist. In addition to her father, his colleagues such as Václav Bláha, Michael Rittstein, Ivan Ouhel and Jiří Šalamoun have also influenced Natalie’s views on art and daily things from her earliest years.

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LUMOS cooperated at artists shows in Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria. She graduated in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and she received many prizes and recognitions for her work in painting in Slovenia. She lives and works in town Ptuj (Slovenia) where she developes her ideas and offers a dialogue about social matters with the public. She works with younger population as well, where she tries to encourage the authentic way of expression during her workshops.

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XÉNIA BERGEROVÁ, a young artist is daring enough to be carried away by new modern tendencies building up her own manifestation on firm foundations of her experience fighting the colours and shapes of her perception of the world, understanding the organic growth of art. She is open to variety of motivational that surrounded her in direct reality and stimmuli or various influences of methaphorical language of subjective worlds. In her art, she blends her life experience and culture of painting making it one personal and exceptional artistic language. The fundamental compositional key is equivalent presentation of reality and abstract world. In other words, in the cosmos of her pictures, cobalt, or the feather of a peacock share the same significance as well as figural scene or an invoice. They are of equal importance and radiate peculiar polyphony, uniqueness, and distinctive, original perception of the world. Levitation of harmonies of the reality and pure abstraction are typical features of Bergerova´s ´no gravity´ compositions. With restrained chastity, she reveals her desire for cosmogony, and the ethereal.

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PEDJA DJAKOVIĆ was born in Derventa, Yugoslavia. After the completion of his secondary school studies in Belgrade he came to Prague where he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Art. He lives and works in Prague. The essence of his work oscillates between neo-cubism and poetic expressionism. Since the original figural motifs, images of historical scenes and musical atmosphere go to the symbolism of shapes and direct observation of reality. The images reflect the emotional tension and deny the artist’s vital nature.

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