Prague housing development pays tribute to Czechoslovak hockey heroes

Photo: René Volfík,

The names of three Czechoslovak ice hockey players will be used to mark the streets in a new housing development in Prague by real estate company Penta. The players, who were Olympic medal winners in the 1940’s in Czechoslovakia, were jailed without trial by the communist party in 1950.

A new housing development near Prague’s Radlice and Jinonice neighbourhoods called Nová Waltrovka will honour the memory of three Czechoslovak ice hockey players who were persecuted and jailed by the communist regime. Penta, the real estate company behind the new development, has selected players from the 1948 Czechoslovak national team who won an Olympic silver medal as the namesakes of two streets and the central square in the new district.

Augustin Bubník, Vladimír Kobranov, and Václav Roziňák are those who will be commemorated, and Martin Lánský, public relations manager at Penta, told me more about their story.

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt