Prague ranks best European city for nightlife – but is the title welcome?

Photo: Kristýna Maková, Radio Prague International

Despite attempts to redefine the city’s image as a party destination, Prague reigns supreme in a recent UK-based index that measures nightlife across European cities. Taking in factors such as price of accommodation, cost of beer, and the number of bars and clubs per capita, the Czech capital came out on top. But is this title really welcome? I put the question to Barbora Scherf, spokesperson for Prague City Tourism.

Prague was just ranked the best nightlife destination in Europe – is this recognition welcome in the eyes of Prague City Tourism?

“Of course, we are not happy to see these statistics that people are still coming to Prague because they see it as a party destination. The City of Prague and Prague City Tourism launched a conception in 2020 that was supposed to rebrand Prague and the narrative of the city. We wanted to show that it is not a place where you can come on a stag or hen trip to get cheap food and drinks in the old town, but rather a place that offers great European history where you come to see culture, gastronomy, and so on.  Since we started this new conception in 2020, we’ve already finished 30 or 35 projects of the 70 that are planned for the coming years.

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt