The male common wombat Cooper and his mate Winkleigh are the only wombats in the Czech Republic. Photo by Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

The beautiful weather at the end of summer offers ideal conditions for visiting the Prague Zoo. In addition to the usual guided feedings, the Prague Zoo has also prepared a special program for the following Saturday and Sunday afternoons (i.e. September 16 and 17) among the inhabitants of the Darwin Crater: devils, wombats, kangaroos and kangaroos.

Walk right among the kangaroos and their babies through the walk-through exhibit in the Darwin Crater. Photo by Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

The program of weekend afternoons with the “protopods” at the Prague Zoo, in Darwin’s Crater:

14.00 meeting at the wombats

14.30 feeding the kangaroos in the walk-through exhibit

15.00 feeding of birds from the bush and wetlands

15.30 feeding of kangaroo rats

16.00 feeding of bear-like devils

Australian and Tasmanian collections will be on sale on both afternoons Prague Zoo with a special discount.

As part of the busy program, visitors can come and watch food specialists feed kangaroo rats. Photo by Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo