President Clinton revisits Reduta jazz club in Prague where he famously jammed in 1994

Photo: Czech Television

Former US President Bill Clinton is in Prague for a conference commemorating the 25th anniversary of Czechia’s admission to NATO. On Sunday night he visited Prague’s Reduta jazz club, where he celebrated the country’s admission to Western structures together with then president Vaclav Havel and US secretary of state Madeleine Albright a quarter of a century ago.

On January 11, 1994 then US President Bill Clinton was recorded live at the Reduta Jazz Club in Prague, playing Summertime on the saxophone with Czech jazz musicians. Next to him was the icon of the Velvet Revolution Vaclav Havel and then US secretary of state Madeleine Albright, who significantly contributed to the fact that just five years after the fall of communism the Czech Republic was being taken into the Western fold of nations. Symbolically, the popular music venue Reduta is located on Narodní třída, where the communist secret police cracked down on an unarmed student demonstration sparking protests that led to the regime’s downfall.

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Author:Daniela Lazarová|Sources:CNN Prima News,ČTK