President-elect to employ architect, signals big changes at Prague Castle

The newly-elected Czech president Petr Pavel has promised sweeping changes at Prague Castle. He wants to open up the historic seat of Czech kings to the public and return to the tradition of employing a Prague Castle architect.

Asked what he would do differently from his predecessor in office, Miloš Zeman, the newly-elected head of state quipped: everything. In addition to a different style of communication, Pavel wants a more “civil” presidential role better suited to the 21st century. He has no plans to reside in Prague Castle and says that his administration will only take up a small part of the premises. The rest should be open to the public. Moreover, he is the first head of state after Václav Havel, who wants to employ a Prague Castle architect. The man whom he would like to see in the post is the respected Czech architect Josef Pleskot.

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Authors: Daniela Lazarová, Olga Vasinkevič