President Pavel in Ukraine: Attacks on civilian targets clearly planned

Photo: Viktor Daněk, Czech Radio

Czech President Petr Pavel arrived in Ukraine early on Friday morning, shortly after Kyiv and other cities were hit by Russian missiles. Accompanied by his Slovak counterpart, Zuzana Čaputová, Mr. Pavel visited the sites of atrocities and criticised Moscow’s attacks on civilian targets.

The Czech and Slovak presidents set off by plane on Thursday to Rzeszów in Poland, from where they were taken by car to Przemyśl, close to the border with Ukraine. They then boarded a train and from there continued their overnight journey to Kyiv together.

After arriving at the railway station in Nemishaieve, 38 kilometres northwest of the capital, the two presidents were welcomed by the Czech ambassador to Kyiv, Radek Matula, and the former Ukrainian ambassador to Czechia, Yevhen Perebyinis, among others.

Mr. Perebyinis said Mr. Pavel’s presence in Ukraine is significant for the country.

“Czechia is a significant partner for us, a country which supports us and provides us with aid, including of the military kind. Of course, this is President Pavel’s first visit to Ukraine and I know President Zelensky is very much looking forward to meeting him in person.”

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Author: Anna Fodor