President Pavel met with representatives of the young generation at the Castle, they planned joint activities for this year

Today at the Castle, President Petr Pavel met with two dozen young people from various fields to jointly plan the connection of the activities of the president and young people for the year 2024. The President listened to the group’s initiatives, which professionally calls itself the Youth Council, and discussed with it key topics of youth generation and possible events where he could open these topics.

“I welcome that most of the initiative comes from your side, because otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense. We can accommodate where possible. I don’t want the cooperation to be just formal, to take a photo at the round table, but also to have concrete content,” said President Pavel at the beginning of the meeting.

At the meeting with the president, representatives of the young generation talked about topics such as mental health, rape, the euro, housing affordability, education reform, the Istanbul Convention, or the shooting at the FF UK. This year, the plan includes regular meetings of the Youth Council with the president and KPR representatives, as well as various forms of involvement of President Pavel in individual events.