President Pavel’s comment on the Senate’s vote on constitutional judges:

I am pleased to learn that the Senate today overwhelmingly supported the first three candidates for constitutional judges. We thus managed to fulfill the first part of our common constitutional responsibility – to ensure the full functioning of the Constitutional Court. I also appreciate the public discussion that took place around the individual nominations, the diversity of opinions is a sign of a functioning democracy. My goal was to make the process of selecting constitutional judges transparent and based on the assessment of professional criteria, not political pressures. I am convinced that Daniela Zemanová, Jan Wintr and Josef Baxa are a guarantee that the Constitutional Court will be composed of diverse personalities with high moral integrity, competence and the ability to withstand all possible pressures.

The President of the Republic, Petr Pavel, appointed new constitutional judges on Monday, June 5 2023.

Photos: Tomáš Fongus