President Petr Pavel held talks with Emmanuel Macron at Prague Castle

The President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, welcomed the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, at Prague Castle. The meeting followed the successful official visit of President Petr Pavel to France in December last year. On 5.3.2024, together, they continued to discuss support for Ukraine, further progress, and specific options for military assistance, including the Czech initiative to purchase large-caliber ammunition in third countries.

“We have the same view of how the situation in Ukraine is developing, how it should be resolved, in what ways, and on what horizon. We agree that the only way is to continue supporting Ukraine, not only because we see it as right in principle, but also because we do not want Russia to succeed with its vision of the world. We want to live in a world where the rules are respected and apply equally to smaller and larger countries. And we want to continue to build on these principles. If Russia succeeds in Ukraine, then we have lost in these principles,” President Petr Pavel said at a press conference.

The two presidents also discussed projects in transport and energy, among them cooperation with the French SNCF on the construction of a high-speed railway, a successful public-private partnership (PPP) project in the construction of the D4 highway, and a common interest in the development of nuclear energy.

An important point of the visit is also the signing of the fifth Action Plan of the Strategic Partnership, which has connected the Czech Republic and France since 2008.

President Macron will sign the Action Plan until 2027 together with Prime Minister Petr Fiala. The document regulates mutual cooperation in the field of European and foreign affairs, defense, security, asylum and migration, economy and trade, environment, transport and energy, social policy and health, but also science, education, and culture.

foto: Zuzana Bönisch