Pumpkin feasts have become a very popular event among visitors to the Prague Zoo. Some animals eat pumpkins, others play with them, but breeders have to use somewhat different content to arouse the interest of carnivores – such as bear-like devils. Photo by Oliver Le Que, Prague Zoo

Tomorrow at the Prague Zoo, pumpkin feasts will begin for almost two dozen species of animals and will last until Sunday. On the national holiday of October 28, visitors can also look forward to a special feeding of lions – as animals from the state emblem – and the baptism of forest dog puppies by the mayor of the capital. City of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda with the participation of his deputy for the environment, Jana Komrsková. On Saturday, all children under the age of 15 will also have entry to the Prague Zoo for a symbolic one crown.

The feeding of the lions – the animals in the Czech national emblem – will take place on October 28 at 2 p.m. in front of visitors in a quite new form. The picture shows the male Indian lion Jamvan, whom the public may also recognize from the current campaign of the Prague Zoo, Get to know each other. Photo by Tereza Šolcová, Prague Zoo

Autumn holidays (October 26 to 29)

Popular pumpkin feasts for selected animal species:

– 10.00 hrabáči (African House)
– 10.15 talapoini north (Reservation Dja)
– 11.00 kea nesters (outdoor aviary at the Rákos pavilion)
– 12.30 honeyeaters (close up of Africa)
– 12.45 dog ears (close up of Africa)
– 13.00 big turtles (Pavilion of big turtles) – only on 28 and 29 October
– 13.15 Indian elephants (Elephant Valley)
– 1.30 p.m. South African porcupines (Africa up close)
– 14.00 common wombats (Darwin Crater)
– 14.00 African brush bunnies (Reservation Dja) – only on October 26 and 29
– 14.00 Hryvnia Wolves (Across Continents) – only on October 27
– 2.00 p.m. White-throated White-lipped (Across Continents) – only on October 28
– 14.00 Cuban iguanas (Pavilion of beasts and reptiles) – only on October 28 and 29
– 14.30 bear-like devils (Darwin Crater) – only on 26 and 28 October
– 15.00 Forest Dogs (Across the Continents) – only on October 26
– 15.00 Hutie Cuban (Across the Continents) – only on October 27 and 29 Celebrations of the National Day or Lions from the National Coat of Arms (October 28)
– 10.00, 12.00, 15.00 commented meetings with lions
– 12:00 p.m. baptism of forest dogs by the mayor City of Prague by Bohuslav Svoboda with the participation of Jana Komrsková, Deputy Mayor for the Environment
– 14.00 special feeding of the Indian lions on the occasion of the national holiday
– 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. accompanying program: the history of lion breeding at the Prague Zoo, the play area Let’s get to know Indian lions, the art workshop Animals in Signs and Coats of Arms, etc.