Quarantined or hospitalized? No worries, you can still vote

Many patients currently occupying hospital beds or those staying in quarantine may wonder whether they can still take part in deciding the future of this country by casting a vote. The answer is yes. Any Czech citizen who is unable to make it on October 8th and 9th and throw their election ballot in the box due to a reasonable excuse, they will be provided a proper opportunity to participate in the parliament election. People who will be in quarantine have two options to let their voice be heard. They can either throw in their ballot on October 6th in several drive-in voting stations in their region that will be open from 8am to 5pm or call the regional office which will send their employees straight to their homes on the days of the election. However, if an individual chooses the drive-in option, they will be required to bring in a certificate that proves that they are ordered to stay in quarantine. To vote from home, it is possible to send a request to the regional office up until October 7th. This option is suitable especially for the immobilized. Hospitalized patients or social services facility clients will be able to vote right in the certain institution, if requested. The election committee teams will also be visiting prison cells. The detainees can request to vote until the 1st of October.