Rosa Bohemica brings Czech music from early Baroque to swing to forgotten castles and churches

Source: Festival Rosa Bohemica

Rosa Bohemica is not your typical arts festival in that it doesn’t just take place in one location, but in 13. Spread out over four different Czech regions, the festival includes concerts, theatre and talks, all held in unique and exceptional settings.

Thirteen concerts, four theatre performances and two lectures – that’s what the fourth edition of the Rosa Bohemica festival offers in its programme this year. Founder and director of the festival Gabriela Eibenová explains what makes the festival unique:

“It brings together historical places and quality music. There is a high concentration of excellent concerts in Prague, but 50km away, people don’t get to hear it. So I wanted to bring these terrific composers and artists out of Prague and fill beautiful places in other parts of the country with their music – beautiful places where very likely such music used to be played a lot more often, because they are locations like churches, castles, and so on.”

One of the aims of the festival is to try to breathe some life back into remarkable yet often-forgotten historical buildings.

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Author: Anna Fodor