Simon Johnson: The UK developer making his mark on Prague

Source: Crestyl

One of biggest construction projects in Prague at present is the renovation and extension of the city centre Savarin Palace. Behind the 1.7 hectare complex, which should house Alphonse Mucha’s Slav Epic, are developers Crestyl, who are also creating the capital’s new Hagibor housing complex. The firm’s COO and managing director for Czechia is Englishman Simon Johnson. For the lowdown on its projects – and his own background – I spoke to Johnson at Prague Crestyl’s HQ at the highly impressive Libeň Dock, which the company also built.

What brought you to Prague back in the ‘90s?

“A simple answer: I worked for a big British construction company. They had opened an office in Prague and they were looking for English-speaking staff who were core employees to spend some time in Prague.

“So I was brought over here for a year. After staying for a year I got a couple of jobs, I got a couple of contracts, for Bovis, stayed – and then the rest is history.”

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Author: Ian Willoughby