Small Country, Big Dreams: Czechia’s road to baseball glory

Photo: Czech baseball team

Czechia’s national men’s baseball team is on the road to the World Baseball Classic in Tokyo this March, but many may not be aware that this team is largely made up of professional baseball players, who also have full time careers outside of wearing Czechia’s national jersey.

Members of the Czech national baseball team dropped into Radio Prague International ahead of their departure to Tokyo to play at the World Baseball Classic (WBC). I had the chance to speak with designated hitter Petr Zýma, infielder Willie Escala, pitcher Marek Minařík, assistant coach David Nevěřil and pitcher Lukáš Ercoli, about the journey for the team to get the ticket to the WBC, and their new documentary, ‘Small Country, Big Dreams’.

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt