Speaker of the House of Representatives in Azerbaijan: A prosperous common future must be taken care of today

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, ended her three-day working trip through the South Caucasus in Azerbaijan. In Baku, she discussed mutual Czech-Azerbaijani interparliamentary and business cooperation with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Sahiba Gafarová. She then honored the memory of the victims of Soviet repression in Baku’s Alley of Martyrs.

“The president and I followed up on our joint conversation from last December in Prague. However, the parliaments of our countries are united not only by cooperation at the highest level but also at the level of inter-parliamentary groups of friends. In this regard, our legislators are even one of the most active groups of all,” said the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

In addition, the year before last saw the signing of a memorandum on the Czech-Azerbaijani strategic partnership in the field of energy. Last year, when both countries commemorated the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the first joint meeting of the working group took place on this topic.

“At the end of our meeting, I wished Madam Speaker good luck in organizing the COP 29 UN Conference on Climate Change. This year it will be held in the capital of Azerbaijan. The topic of global climate change naturally also unites us. At the same time, it presents us with a difficult challenge that can only be met through a coordinated global effort. We need to take care of a prosperous common future today,” added the speaker of the Chamber of Commerce, Markéta Pekarová Adamová.

The speaker of the chamber also discussed with her partners the situation in the South Caucasus region and the possibilities of resolving disputes between the two countries visited. “A stable and prosperous South Caucasus is in the interest of the Czech Republic. Russia has always benefited from the disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the long run. This is definitely not in our interest and we are trying to use good relations with both countries to ease the tension. Both Armenia and Azerbaijan appreciate that it was precisely in Prague during the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU that a breakthrough meeting took place between them. I firmly believe that the long-standing conflict will soon be put to an end,” the chairwoman added.

As part of the program, the speaker also honored the memory of the victims of the bloody Soviet repression by symbolically laying flowers in Baku’s Alley of Martyrs.