Statue to fallen Czech soldiers of 1919 conflict with Poland to be resurrected

Photo: Andrea Brtníková, Czech Radio

For 85 years, a monument in Orlová to the fallen Czech soldiers of the 1919 Polish–Czechoslovak War has been a plain list of names on slabs of stone. But it used to be dominated by a huge statue of a Silesian eagle with soldiers at its feet, which was torn down by Polish troops after the 1938 Munich Agreement. Now a five-metre copy of the statue is being crafted and will soon adorn the monument in the east Moravian town once again.

The statue of the eagle, which from old photographs looks like it is sitting proudly atop a rock and looking out regally into the distance, was torn down by Polish troops in 1938 following the Munich Agreement, 10 years after it was constructed and almost 20 years after the war which it commemorated.

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