Striking photograph of medieval castle at sunrise wins postcard competition

Photo: Ladislav Renner

A captivating picture of Bezděz castle won the 2023 competition for the most beautiful Czech postcard. The photographer, Ladislav Renner, told Czech Radio how he managed to capture the arresting shot.

A stunning medieval Gothic castle snaking its way up a tree-covered hill shrouded in mist, low clouds clinging to its back and softly lit by the backdrop of a rising sun. This is the picture postcard that won the competition for the most beautiful Czech tourist postcard of 2023. The photographer, Ladislav Renner, took not just one but an incredible five out of the top ten winning images. He told Czech Radio about how the striking picture came to be:

“It was a bit of a fluke – one evening an acquaintance reached out to me on Facebook to say that a place for a hot-air balloon ride had become available at the last moment. The next day I set out early in the morning towards Bezděz. It was my first ever hot-air balloon ride so I was a bit anxious, but I survived and the conditions for taking photographs were perfect.”

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Authors: Anna Fodor, Jolana Nováková