Study: Many Czechs still believe rape victims are ‘partly responsible’

At least two-fifths of Czechs believe that victims of rape are partly responsible for the crime, for example because of the way they dress or behave, suggests a new survey commissioned by human rights watchdog Amnesty International. The good news is that the number of Czechs who hold this view has been on the decline in recent years. I discussed the outcome of the survey with Amnesty’s campaigns and advocacy manager Irena Hůlová:

“Our survey shows that people still think that in certain cases, rape victims are co-responsible for what happed to them. They think that when the victim was flirting with the perpetrator, or was drunk or was walking home alone, that means that in some cases they are co-responsible for the act of rape.

“That is obviously not true and we always say that the victim is never responsible for what happened to them. It is only the perpetrator.”

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Author: Ruth Fraňková