Survey: More than three-quarters of Czech children use school eateries

Close to 77 percent of schoolchildren in Czechia take their lunch in school eateries, according to the results of a survey conducted by Scolarest, a school food focused company that belongs to global catering conglomerate Compass Group.

Visiting school eateries is most popular in the Vysočina Region, where over 93 percent of children make use of the option. Meanwhile, the lowest number of pupils who eat their lunch at school is in Prague, where just 48 percent of respondents said they did so. The most common reason put for why children do not visit school eateries was because they eat their lunches at home. Close to a fifth of respondents who don’t eat at schools said that this was because they did not like the food served there. Close to 13 percent said that they did not eat at school for financial reasons.

Author: Tom McEnchroe