“The best experience”: Czechs doing Erasmus reaches over 400,000

Photo: Martin Pařízek, Czech Radio

Over 400,000 Czechs have availed of the opportunity to take part in Erasmus, the EU’s academic exchange programme, since Czechia signed up in the late 1990s. But what specifically do students get out of the experience? I spoke to some former participants.

According to data recently published by the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research, no fewer than 411,000 Czechs have taken part in the Erasmus Programme since the country joined it in 1998, just over a decade after the scheme began.

Erasmus+, as it is now referred to, also includes stays abroad for academics, and even offers opportunities to secondary and primary school children.

But it is mainly third-level students who sign up for the programme, people such as Veronika Kührová, a Film Studies student in Brno who did her Erasmus in the Germany city of Jena in 2007.

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Author: Ian Willoughby