The Czech Republic is welcoming tourism from South Korea

206% more Tourists from South Korea arrived in the Czech Republic than in the same period last year.

More tourists visited the Czech Republic in the 3rd quarter of this year than in the pre-Covid 2019 year.

A special video “Fairy Tale Trip To Czechia with Yoona produced by Hyundai Motor Group X Czechia, has had more than 15 million views in the last 2 weeks.

Direct air connections play a fundamental role in the tourism industry. CzechTourism works intensively on them with Prague Airport and other entities.

This year, among other things, the lines Prague – Seoul were put into operation, and work is being done in the following years. The fact that this activity makes sense is confirmed by the figures for the 3rd quarter of 2023. They show that the number of Asian guests is growing in the Czech Republic.