The “fool’s graveyard” where Mozart was laid to rest in Forman’s Amadeus

Photo: Klára Stejskalová, Radio Prague International

The Bohnice “fools’ graveyard” is one of the darkest and most haunting places in Czechia, with a charged atmosphere heightened by the rumours associated with it. We look at some of the unlikely events that took place there.

The facts themselves are spooky enough – this is a graveyard where over 4,600 tortured souls were laid to rest –mental patients from the Bohnice psychiatric hospital, including soldiers who lost their minds in the trenches of the first world war, murderers, people who committed suicide and even children who were not given the last rites because nobody had called a priest in time. Thousands of mounds covered in ivy are a sea of anonymous resting places of people for whom no one cared or who needed to be hidden from the world. It is believed that among those buried here is Gavrilo Princip  – the man who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand d’Este – and thereby sparked World War I.

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Authors: Klára Stejskalová, Daniela Lazarová