The National Gallery Prague (NGP) presents the exhibition schedule for 2024. Visitors can look forward to seeing the work of Michelangelo and other masters here for the first time, in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre.

An exhibition devoted to the theme of solidarity and the role of art in times marked by conflict will open in the Trade Fair Palace.

In the spring, the Kinsky Palace will welcome an unconventional project dedicated to the phenomenon of hockey.

The main event of the autumn season will be a show of Czech artists in interwar France. NGP is also preparing a Czech presentation at the 60th Art Biennale in Venice with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

This year’s exhibition plan reflects the institution’s development concept, which was approved by the Ministry of Culture, the founder of the NGP. The concept emphasizes, among other things, the creation of a safe and stable environment for the development of artistic projects. With its dramaturgy, the NGP devotes itself to expanding the European canon of history by Czech art. “Our dramaturgy until 2026 focuses on the themes of solidarity, Czech exile art, the representation of women in the history of art, or issues of the environmental crisis. In addition, the digitization of our collections is underway and we are making strategic investments such as building a new depository in Jinonice, which NGP urgently needs,” outlines CEO Alicja Knast.

The gallery’s key goals include expanding knowledge about the collections through basic research and multidisciplinary projects, the results of which are presented in the form of publications and exhibitions. As was the case, for example, with last year’s most successful exhibition Brandl: The Story of the Bohemian, which attracted over fifty thousand visitors.

In total, almost 434,000 visitors visited the NGP’s collection exhibits and short-term exhibitions last year, which is 15% more than in 2022. The number of Friends Club members is also growing, reaching almost five thousand. More than 46,000 children and adults visited NGP’s educational and public programs in 2023.

For more information you can read the document attached ( in Czech).