The perks of student life at Czechia’s leading universities

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Czechia possesses several leading institutions of higher learning that have produced internationally renowned scientists, businesspeople and academics. No wonder then that the number of foreigners studying in the country has been growing. We asked some of them what they like about the country and the student lifestyle it offers.

Few European cities can rival Prague’s architecture, culture, nightlife and beer. Little wonder therefore that it is not just a popular destination for tourists, but students as well, as 24-year-old Taine Rose from New Zealand, a student at the Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU), confirms.

“Prague is really cool, it’s super close to everything, not as cheap as I originally thought, but it’s still relatively affordable. As a student here, I can teach English or work at a bar and make enough money to get by and still go on weekend trips to Germany and Austria. I really enjoy living in Czechia.”

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Authors: Thomas McEnchroe, Amelia Mola Schmidt