The presidential couple ceremoniously planted the last, 90th tree of Olga Havel in the Jelení kopá at Prague Castle

Five years ago, 85 Olga Havel trees were planted at ceremonial gatherings across the country in honor of her 85th birthday, which at that time did not live long. The Committee of Good Will – Olga Havlová Foundation followed up in the annual 2023 by planting five more Olga Havlová trees. Olga Havlová’s last, 90th tree was a pecan tree, planted in the Jelení moat at Prague Castle.

The tree was planted together on the afternoon of November 10 by President Petr Pavel and First Lady Eva Pavlová, on behalf of the foundation the chairman of the board of directors Vojtěch Sedláček and the director Monika Granja, a personal friend of Mrs. Olga Anna Freimanová from the Václav Havel Library and the singer Aneta Langerová.

Commemorative meetings in honor of Mrs. Olga will be held at the Olga Havlova Trees throughout the Czech Republic during 2023. So far, 52 have taken place, and they are all united by the Song for Olga. It is interpreted by solo singers, school choirs, and choirs of elementary art schools. It was sung by its author Aneta Langerová in Jelení říkopá, accompanied by Jakub Zitek and the Maranatha Gospel Choir on piano.

Each of the meetings at the newly planted Olga Havelová Tree is connected to one of the areas that were essential for Mrs. Olga and to which the foundation systematically addresses. At Prague Castle, the theme was “Psychological help for children”, which is very close to the current first lady Eva Pavlova.

The commemorative meeting for Olga Havelová was attended by more than 150 of her supporters and supporters of the Committee of Good Will from among well-known personalities and the general public.

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Photos from the event © Anna Šolcová