The price of a pint: A look into rising beer costs in Prague

There’s no doubt that Czechs love their beer, but with inflation at an all time high, the prices of pints are going up by nearly five or ten crowns per half litre. But the rising cost has less to do with beer itself getting more expensive and more to do with running a business becoming increasingly expensive, as Amelia Mola-Schmidt found out.

Walking through the streets of Prague, you come across countless bars and restaurants serving the golden Czech brew. Beer is the Czech national drink and Czechia’s long tradition of brewing iconic brands such as Pilsner Urquell, is renowned worldwide. The average beer consumption every year in Czechia is 129 litres per capita, and while this number is high, it is actually down by nearly 30 litres since 2008. So, while Czechs have been drinking less beer, they still reign as the European nation with the most beer consumption per capita, and the concept of meeting in a cosy pub is a ritual for many Czechs and expats living here. But with inflation and prices going up in most areas of the national economy, is the cherished pint of beer and its consumption under threat?

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Author: Amelia Mola-Schmidt