“They helped us so much” – Visiting Ukrainian youth centre that received Czech aid

Photo: Člověk v tísni

The Zaporizhzhia Regional Youth Centre in Ukraine is one of the largest youth centres in Europe and has served as a volunteer headquarters since the outbreak of the war. The centre also received support from the Czech NGO People in Need and was visited recently by our reporter Daniel Ordonez.

“In the beginning they helped us so much,” Kostyantyn Chernyshov from the Regional Youth Centre in Zaporizhzhia, south-east Ukraine, says about the Czech NGO People in Need as he takes Radio Prague International on a tour through the facility.

“They provided food, hygiene, equipment and money for the support of our organisation.”

The Centre and People in Need are no longer working together, he says, but adds that communication with Czech authorities is still ongoing and that the partnership could be restored soon.

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Authors: Daniel Ordóñez, Thomas McEnchroe