Too many pensioners

As the population pyramid charts of 2nd world countries are starting to look less and less like pyramids, Czech Republic should start solving the many issues connected to this trend. Mainly, there should be an increased focus on pensioner housing, as the capacity of nursing homes and similar facilities in Czechia has been stagnant at best in the last few years. However, the number of potential customers is increasing each year. So, while the around 600 existing Czech facilities are almost permanently at 100% capacity, the government will have to start looking for new social care facilities for the elderly. While some such institutions are being built, keeping up with the demand through building requires long term dedication. Most of our readers surely know how a 1-year construction project can easily become a 5-year one in this country. Instead of letting their elderly loved ones wait years for a spot in a public social care facility, some families opt to enroll their mothers, fathers, grandmothers and granddads into privately ran care homes. Some experiment even further, and use smart technology to monitor their loved ones at their current place of residence to postpone their move to a dedicated facility. Nevertheless, both of the aforementioned methods are just quick fixes, which only a certain part of the wealthier population can afford. Hopefully, the government will shortly come up with a futureproof plan for preserving the dignity of those, who paid taxes to the state for much of their life, expecting a social security net at the dawn of their life.