Traveling exhibition brings everyday realities of war in Ukraine to Prague metro commuters

Photo: Tom McEnchroe, Radio Prague International

As of this week, commuters in some of Prague’s busiest metro stations are seeing photographs of war-stricken Ukrainians sheltering in their own underground. The images were captured by Ukrainian photo journalists and were first displayed in the Berlin metro last year under the title “Next Station Ukraine”.

One of the key movers in the effort was Klára Jiřičná from the NGO ACT Alliance. I caught up with her in the Muzeum metro station, one of the locations where the photographs are being displayed, to find out more about it.

“They had this exhibition in the Berlin metro last November. I saw it through a colleague at ACT Alliance who is based in Germany and I was intrigued and said that we have to have this in Prague. So I got in touch, they agreed to it and here we are.”

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Author: Thomas McEnchroe