Ukraine’s foreign minister: Czechia and Ukraine both have a bill to settle with Russia

Photo: Zuzana Jarolímková, Czech Radio

The Ukrainian foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, paid a brief working visit to Prague on Monday for talks on further Czech assistance to Ukraine, the abduction of Ukrainian children to Russia and preparations for the third Crimea Platform Summit due to take place in Prague in October. During his visit, he granted Czech Radio an exclusive interview.

How important is the Czech Republic among Ukraine’s supporters?

“Top of the top. There is a group of countries that support Ukraine more than anyone else and Czechia definitely belongs to this group. We are extremely grateful. Our cooperation is perfect and we understand that the people of Czechia and the government of Czechia realize that what is at stake in Ukraine is also of vital importance for the security and prosperity of Czechia. So it is a very natural alliance.”

So you say that that is the reason why the Czech Republic and the Czech government are so determined to help Ukraine…

“Yes, I think the reason is the future. Because you understand that without Ukraine’s victory you will be facing much bigger problems caused by Russia. This is why Ukraine must win. But, also, let us be frank, because of history. There is a bill that Czechia and Ukraine have to settle with Russia – all the damage that Russia and its predecessor, the Soviet Union, inflicted on our nations.”

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Authors: Filip Nerad, Daniela Lazarová